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Huilerie Celeste du Burkina (HCB)

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About Huilerie celeste du burkina (Hcb)

Where Quality Meets Your Home

Huilerie Celeste du Burkina (HCB) stands as a testament to Burkina Faso's commitment to quality and innovation in the agribusiness sector. Established in 2016, HCB has been a pioneer in the production of high-quality cottonseed cooking oil, cattle-cake, and soap. Rooted in the heart of Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, HCB embodies our unwavering dedication to creating products that elevate lives and communities.

Endless Possibilities

Partner with SODIMA, and together, we'll navigate the world of international trade and manufacturing with confidence, integrity, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Cottonseed Cooking Oil

At HCB, we understand that the culinary arts are a source of pride and tradition in Burkina Faso. Our cottonseed cooking oil is a testament to this appreciation for good food. Sourced from the finest cottonseeds, our oil is a culinary companion that not only enhances the flavors of Burkina Faso's diverse dishes but also provides a nutritious and wholesome cooking medium.


Agriculture and livestock are the lifeblood of Burkina Faso's heritage and economy. HCB's cattle-cake is meticulously formulated to support the nutrition and well-being of livestock, contributing to the prosperity of local farmers and the sustainability of agriculture. Our cattle-cake is a symbol of our commitment to nurturing Burkina Faso's agricultural traditions.


Cleanliness is a universal pursuit, and our soap products are crafted with meticulous care to provide gentle and effective cleansing. HCB soaps not only promote hygiene but also offer a touch of luxury in every use, transforming the daily ritual of bathing into a moment of indulgence.
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At HCB, we’re committed to continued growth and positive impact. We’re diversifying our product line, expanding into new markets, embracing sustainability, engaging with our community, and investing in technological advancements. Additionally, we’re proud to have already built schools that are contributing to education and community well-being, and we’ll continue to support such initiatives. Our vision is to transform agriculture, uplift lives, and make a difference in Burkina Faso and beyond.

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Our Awards

SODIMA has been honored with various awards and accolades over the years, primarily in the categories of Business, Quality, and Humanitarian.